Apologetics – what? What is the best apologetics course to run in a local church?

What is the best course to run in a local church context to equip Christians to be good apologists?

pexels-photo-273936.jpegI always thought apologetics was apologising for something until I got some way down the line in my Christian journey and discovered it meant:

presenting historical, reasoned and evidential bases for Christianity defending it against objections. 


It sill seems an odd name to me particularly as my wrong understanding that it means apologise is the exact opposite of what it actually means…  We don’t apologise for our faith –  we stand to defend it as truth!

It is a branch of Christian theology that offers a huge resource to help in the mission of the church today (and always has done) All Christians need to be heard loud and clear in a society that is blurring the edges of spiritual experience, and  in an “I’ll believe a mix of whatever I want to believe thank you very much”  mind set.

So my question for this blog is

What is the best course to run in a local church context to equip Christians to be good apologists?  

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Is there an apologetics course –  just like there is an explore Christianity course or a listening course?